There are few steps which you can follow to be a good software developer, but at the end of the day it’s all about practice and continuously upgrading your knowledge as software industry is one of the fast moving industry

1). Be Able to Work in Client’s Comfortable Time-zone

Time zones across the globe.

IT clients are global clients and so an IT Firm as a Web Development Company needs to ensure that they are ready to serve the clients as per their time zone. Time zone management is a key thing that a successful developer needs to consider.

2). Be Able to Work Remotely

Most people often get confused with these terms since they are all interrelated. However, let me give my best shot and explain it with the simplest definition.

Picture this, artificial intelligence is the father of machine learning, and natural language processing, whereas deep learning is a subfield of machine learning.

AI Tree

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Well first of all the term was meant to describe the goal that machines will be able to have humans-like intelligence in the future ( yeah they don’t have so far I know). A lot of money was invested in reaching this goal but we could not achieve our goal. Later we made a new type of AI ( say weak AI or the applied AI that we are having today) which focuses on…

Mohan Mohadikar

Symbiosis International University ’21

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